The fastest way to screen deals

Quickly analyze unstructured data and confidently make investment decisions

A modern operating system for investment teams


Instant screening

Upload deal documents and let Benchmark instantly extract, analyze, and summarize key data points, speeding up your investment screening


Deal insights

Identify risks, missing documents, and anomalies. Get tailored investment recommendations aligned with your team's criteria


Efficient due diligence

Use Benchmark's AI to quickly and securely answer due diligence questions. Run existing checklists or ad-hoc queries with detailed, source-specific responses


Data extraction

Automatically extract and normalize key data points from any document, transforming unstructured data into structured insights


Automatic comps

Instantly generate precise comps for any deal, helping teams quickly assess new opportunities across critical dimensions


Single source of truth

Track your investment pipeline and access all deal documents and data points in one place, preserving valuable institutional knowledge


How is my data secured?

Your data is safeguarded using industry standard encryption (AES-256) both in transit and at rest.

Is my data used for training Benchmark's models?

No, it is not used to train our models. We implement strict data access controls and encryption to ensure that your data is only accessible by you and is used exclusively to enhance your experience on our platform.